Dear Steve and Sean,

Paradise Pit 2011 was a HUGE success, thanks very much to you and Matilija Pure Water! We served a record number cyclists – approximately 2750 – on the CA AIDS LIFECYCLE as they passed through Santa Barbara on Friday June 10th on the 10th anniversary of this monumental Ride that raised over $13 million this year for support of those whose lives are being impacted by AIDS in California.

The Matilija Water was VERY appreciated by the riders. We set up a water station with the ceramic dispensers which worked great. The weather on Friday kept the riders cool and thus we did not go through as much water as we normally do. It was just too darn cold! But nonetheless, having Matilija there with us is a great honor and treat – and a vitally important part of the Pit. We shared the custom flyers Sean gave us with all our volunteers and we thanked Matilija numerous times in peak moments of serving with our megaphone.

Mayor Helene Schneider visited The Pit and welcomed the Riders. Many friends and family members of area riders joined us at the Pit to cheer in their loved ones. Ice cream, fresh strawberries and fruit, cookies, brownies and fresh baked goods, Matilija water and a vast assortment of ice cream toppings were devoured by the hungry cyclists. We had great bike racks this year, amazing balloon towers and tremendous support of our community members to make Paradise Pit a festive, welcoming party.

Paradise Pit was talked about and anticipated from Day One of the seven-day Ride and we did not disappoint! It is great to be a part of a community that is so warm, generous and inclusive to support this effort.Thank you again very much. We look forward to working with you again next year.

All the best, Rod Lathim, Coordinator