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Locally Owned Business Serving Santa Barbara and Ventura County since 1948

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The Yellow Cartridge Filtration Tank Series

The Yellow Cartridge Filtration Tank Series-2
The Yellow Cartridge Filtration Tank Series-1

The Yellow Filtration Series are dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions for extended life and use, with filtration levels of 5 and 20 microns. This Series offers a combination filter composed of an outer layer of Polypropylene String with a Melt blown Polypropylene core. The precise wound pattern provides greater surface area, higher dirt-loading capacity and greater efficiency than standard wound filter cartridges. As a dual media filter, they provide a cost effective, extended-life product capable of capturing a broad range of particulates with high service flow rates greater than 30+gpm with less than 15 Delta P.

The large diameter pre-filter reduces particulate loading on the post filter allowing it to perform at higher velocities, capturing fine sediment, sand, silt, rust and scale particles of 50 or 20 microns. This equates to higher particulate reduction and added loading capacity.

The Meltblown core captures 20 or 5 micron particles, (depending on the filter configuration), this dual combination filter extends the life of the inner-cartridge by eliminating premature caking and prevents down stream media migration common in string cartridges.

Each filter comes with a unique handle designed top cap for lightweight and easy removal, a bag for proper disposal, and a double o-ring bottom connection into the Cartridge Tank® plumbing adapter for the 2½” assembly and full 1¼” PVC glue socket flow rate connections.

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