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Locally Owned Business
Serving Santa Barbara County since 1948

Locally Owned Business Serving Santa Barbara and Ventura County since 1948

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Water Experts

Serving Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Drinking Water, Salt and Potassium Delivery, Portable Exchange Tanks

Drinking Water Systems

Matilija Pure Water SystemsGet great tasting, pure water straight from your own tap! A Matilija Pure Water Systems water filtration solution is:

  • - Convenient
  • - Cost-effective
  • - Great tasting
  • - A continuous source of pure, healthy water to drink and cook with

We can survive for a month without food but can only survive about four days without water. Our bodies are made of 70% water and need water for life and functioning. It is the transporter of nutrients necessary for body functions. It works in digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion. It improves the look of our hair, skin, eyes and muscle tone.

While the importance of drinking enough water is well known, tap water often contains sediment, metals, bacteria, and viruses that can be harmful, thus it becomes necessary to purify the water before using it for cooking or drinking.

A reverse osmosis system or bottle-less water cooler from Matilija Pure Water Systems for your home or office will provide you with the highest quality water available for a fraction of the cost of bottles.

Water Softening and Whole Home Filtration

Matilija Pure Water Systems Santa Barbara

Matilija Pure Water Systems water softeners will provide your family with abundant, clean, safe water on demand. Each of our systems is designed to help reduce water contaminants, scale buildup, and electricity use all while extending the life of your appliances, making your skin and clothes feel better and your dishes sparkle. Not only are Matilija Pure Water Systems eco-friendly, but they save you time and money.

The benefits of soft water are many: skin is smooth and softer, hair is shiny and more manageable, laundry is cleaner and brighter, dishes and glassware sparkle. By using a water softener you will save up to 80% on soaps and detergents and your appliances last longer and require fewer repairs.

Commercial, Industrial and Specialty Systems

Matilija Pure Water Systems Santa Barbara

Matilija Pure Water Systems can custom design any commercial or industrial water treatment system for your business. We have years of experience in designing and implementing commercial systems for customers in Ventura, Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta and Santa Ynez including:

  • -Hotels & Resorts
  • -Restaurants
  • -Hospitals
  • -Apartment Complexes
  • -Schools and Educational facilities
  • -Spas
  • -Wineries & Breweries

Matilija Pure Water Services

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